Offshore Law and Formation Services

Offshore Law

At JHT law, we provide advice on matters of the Nevis Business Companies Ordinance 1984 as amended 2002, Limited Liability Companies Ordinance 1995 as amended 2002, Nevis International Exempt Trusts Ordinance 1994 as amended 2002, Multiform Foundations Ordinance 2004, Nevis International Insurance Ordinance 2004 as amended 2006, Nevis Mutual Funds Ordinance 2006 and Offshore Banking in Nevis.

In addition, we offer a complete range of business entity formation services, including international business companies (IBCs), limited liability companies (LLCs), Captives, Reinsurers, Multiform Foundations and Trusts. We are happy work with you, your attorneys and your existing financial advisors to design and implement the strongest possible Asset Protection Structure.

For further information or enquiries, please contact Jackie Hunkins-Taylor at [email protected] OR the office at [email protected].

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